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Ultrasonic milk analyzers, Somatic cells counter,

Themostatic devices, Antibiotic test devices, Antibiotic test

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These TERMS AND CONDITIONS are intended to regulate the relations between Milkotronik ltd., located in 167 Tzar Simeon Veliki bul., Stara Zagora, Bulgaria, hereinafter referred to as LACTOSCAN and Users of the Site and Online store of LACTOSCAN., located at www.lactoscan.com ,  hereinafter referred to as USER / CUSTOMER.

The following TERMS AND CONDITIONS are in accordance with the requirements of Customers protection law and other regulations, acting in Republic of Bulgaria. These TERMS AND CONDITIONS establish the minimum requirements.

The TERMS AND CONDITIONS can be changed at any time by updating the Site and Online store.  These changes come into force immediately and are obligatory for all USERS / CUSTOMERS. LACTOSCAN will also   Също така, LACTOSCAN implement changes of the TERMS AND CONDITIONS, if these changes are imposed by enacted legislation, and if they are imposed retroactively, the changes will be applied retroactively to already delivered and made orders.    In these cases, LACTOSCAN is obliged to inform USERS / CUSTOMER about the newest version of the TERMS AND CONDITIONS and if it required, the changes are applied to already delivered and/or made orders by posting on the Site.




By pressing of any of object, picture, button or link (different from the one opening/ leading to TERMS AND CONDITIONS), USER / CUSTOMER expressly and unconditionally agree to these TERMS AND CONDITIONS of Use.




In the content of this document, the following names, used in capital letters, will have particular meaning related to the context, as mentioned below:




The Site and Online store of LACTOSCAN shall only be used for lawful purposes.

It is prohibited The Site and Online store to be used in a way that can cause damages to LACTOSCAN but not to restrict access such as: 

LACTOSCAN  reserves the right to refuse access to the Site and Online Store of any USERS / CUSTOMERS, to close Account or to cancel ORDER, even paid ORDERS.

To shop at the Online store of LACTOSCAN, registration is required.

In the Online store of LACTOSCAN, each product has a price, key features and additional information, aiming to help making an inform choice when purchasing the product.  Also, all the time USER / CUSTOMER has the opportunity to ask a question or to receive additional information about product by using ZOOPIM chat application.   




The registration procedure of the Site and Online store of LACTOSCAN is absolutely voluntary and free. The registration is mandatory only for shopping by the Online store. The Site and Online store of LACTOSCAN can be viewed by USERS without the need for registration. To make a registration, USER is required to complete the registration form.  Fields required to be completed are marked with an asterisk.  After a successful registration,  the USER will receive conformation e-mail which will contain username and password for access to the created profile in the Site.




By electronic ORDER in the Online store of LACTOSCAN can be bought only and solely those products that the system allows to be added to the Shopping cart of the USER / CUSTOMER.

In the Online store of LACTOSCAN, there are key features, unit price and stock described for each product. LACTOSCAN doesn’t carries any responsibility  when caused by typing errors the information is false, incorrect, inaccurate or inaccurately presented.




All published prices in the Site are in BGN (Bulgarian Lev)for customer from Bulgaria and in EUR or USD for customers outside Bulgaria and are valid only and solely in the moment of their publication. LACTOSCAN reserves the right to change prices without notice at anytime. The USER / CUSTOMER has the opportunity to see equivalent of the published prices in Euro and Bulgarian Lev by selecting relevant currency from the menu. The equivalent is calculated based on the exchange rates of the Bulgarian National Bank of the day as the amount is rounded to the nearest whole number.

The prices published in the Site and Online store are final and include all taxes and fees, without delivery price which is designated separately. LACTOSCAN warns that there are moments when as a result of malfunction of the Site and Online store, the published price might not be true and real. In these cases, LACTOSCAN will inform CUSTOMER about the right price.  




ORDERS can be submitted only by registered USERS / CUSTOMERS accepted the TERMS AND CONDITIONS.  Subject of the ORDER is the product/products and services for which the CUSTOMER has expressed a wish to purchase by creating an ORDER in the Site and Online store of LACTOSCAN. To make an ORDER, the CUSTOMER is required to follow the ORDER procedure, which is described in detail in section How to order.




The CUSTOMER can pay the price of the ordered product from the Online store by using his own choice on of the following PAYMENT METHODS:

By accepting these TERMS AND CONDITIONS, the CUSTOMER gives explicit and unconditional consent to pay LACTOSCAN in advance the whole sale price and delivery costs of the ordered product/products by the Online store.  

A detailed description of the PAYMENT METHODS is published in section PAYMENT.




The contract for distance selling between LACTOSCAN and the CUSTOMER и КЛИЕНТЪТ is deemed signed from the moment of payment of the value of the respective CUSTOMER’S ORDER. After the payment of the value of the respective ORDER, the system automatically generated original invoice to the CUSTOMER.




LACTOSCAN   will do its obligations under the contract in maximum  7 (seven) days from the date of contracts signing ( payment of the ORDER). In case, LACTOSCAN can’t implement the order, because the product is not in stock or will be in stock after certain period of time, LACTOSCAN will inform the CUSTOMER about this situation.

The product/products will be delivered by courier company. The delivery is door to door. The delivery period varies from 2 (two) days to 1(one) month in dependence of the delivery destination.   

Unless there is an explicit agreement with the CUSTOMER, LACTOSCAN is not responsible for risks associated with the product after delivery of the courier company.

LACTOSCAN will properly pack the products and ensure delivery of the supporting documents.

The delivery is considered completed when there is a CUSTOMER's signature  upon receipt of the transport document delivered by the courier.




Upon receiving of the product/products the CUSTOMER should immediately examine them and in case, he/she finds apparent defects, lack of any accompanying accessories and/or any of required legislation documents, to inform immediately the person making the delivery. Failing that, the property shall be deemed to be approved as the CUSTOMER loses the right to claim later that the product/products have been delivered with apparent defects, lack of any accompanying accessories and/or any of required legislation documents.    Reclamations are accepted only when ascertaining them in the moment of delivery and entering them in the transport documents by the person making the delivery. After ascertaining and entering reclamation, the CUSTOMER shall notify in writing LACTOSCAN within two days by completing the contact form.   




According to law, the CUSTOMER has the right to inform the merchant in writing that he/she refuses the ORDER without owing forfeit and without specifying the reason, within seven (7) working days from the date of receiving the product. 

The return is accepted only for products that packaging is sealed as LACTOSCAN reserves the right to decide whether to accept the return or not and in what to pay the value of the returned product.

According to law, upon returning  of the product, a refund will be done within thirty (30) days from return. The refund will be done:

  1. by Bank transfer to your bank account for orders paid by Bank Transfer;
  2. by PayPal transaction to your account used for the original purchase or on the card used for the original purchase for orders paid via PayPal;
  3. by Credit transaction on the card used for the original purchase for orders paid with Visa or MasterCard cards.




All the products sold through the website of LACTOSCAN www.lactoscan.com benefit from warranty terms, under the law and trade policy.  The warranty period ranges from one (1) to twelve (12) months, depending on the product type.




LACTOSCAN is not liable for failure to deliver, in cases, when the USER / CUSTOMER has given false, incomplete and/or inaccurate personal data, including, when given incomplete, inaccurate or fictitious address.  USER’s / CUSTOMER’s obligation is to protect the confidentiality of the provided by LACTOSCAN username and password that system is accepted as valid, irrespective whether they are used by a person other than the holder or by unauthorized person. In case, the USER /CUSTOMER has given his/her consent, LACTOSCAN has the right to send information about ongoing promotions and other.

The access to the resources of the Site and Online store for incorrect USERS / CUSTOMERS will be blocked. The accounts of USERS / CUSTOMERS who violate the Site’s and Online store’s terms of use  as well as  accounts of USERS / CUSTOMERS who use them not on purpose will be closed.




The contract is governed and shall be interpreted in accordance with the current legislation of Republic of Bulgaria. All disputes concerning the interpretation and implementation of these TERMS AND CONDITIONS of the Site and Online store of LACTOSCAN will be resolved with an agreement. In cases of failure to reach agreement and if justification is not mentioned imperative, the dispute will be referred for resolution to the competent court in Stara Zagora, under the rules of tribal jurisdiction under the CPC, namely – Regional Court Stara Zagora or District Court Stara Zagora.